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Hard Drive WIPING
  • Normal deletion or re-formatting does not remove data!
  • Selling or donating your computer?
  • Need to ensure sensitive or private data is erased?

Deleting files does not wipe them from your computer. Likewise neither re-formatting nor re-installing your operating system (Windows) erases pre-existing files from your computer or storage device.  Certainly some files will be overwritten but the bulk of your files will remain intact.

If you intend selling or donating computers containing sensitive or private data you should consider sterilising your hard drives first.  Lost Data provides a hard drive sterilisation service that guarantees all data is irretrievably wiped from your hard drives.

I am a certified Forensic Computer Analyst with over twelve years’ experience in digital forensics. Data removal is completely verified and a verification report provided for record keeping purposes.

On-site Data Wiping              
Brisbane Area - call out fee $70 plus $25 per hard drive
South East Qld - Quote Provided

Discounts on bulk orders.


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