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Jindalee Brisbane
Queensland 4074
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 ABN 57037518357

Forensic Imaging Service
  • Hard Drives
  • Servers
  • Any computer storage device
  • Authenticated Binary Images
  • Suitable for e-discovery and forensic analysis

Forensic imaging of a hard drive, raid array or other computer storage device ensures that every sector of data is captured, including all active files, deleted files, unallocated space, file slack and partition free space. The result is an exact binary duplicate which can be authenticated at any stage and used in future forensic analysis.

Proper forensic procedure is crucial if forensic images are to be relied upon in court.

I am a certified Forensic Computer Analyst with over twelve years experience in digital forensics. Forensic images can be provided in a variety of industry standard formats.

Cost: $125 per hour on site


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