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Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Accidentally Deleted Files
  • Re-formatted your drive
  • Windows no longer sees your partitions or physical device
  • Clicking or clunking noise coming from your drive
  • Windows won't boot
  • Need to identify unauthorised activity on your computer

The most common causes of data loss include human error, virus attacks, or a corruption of the underlying file system. Damaged or failing hard drives can stop your operating system (Windows, Linux etc) from accessing some or all of your files or even registering the hard drive is attached.

Data Recovery is not limited to unwanted loss of files. It is also a useful tool in determining previous unauthorised activity on YOUR computer.

Lost Data provides confidential and affordable hard drive data recovery services. Data recovery can be targeted at specific files or types of files such as office documents, email or photographs or recover all available files.

With damaged or failing hard drives it is important and sometimes crucial to minimise the time spent accessing the hard drive. Lost data follows best practice by first obtaining an exact binary copy of your hard drive which is then used in the recovery process instead of your physical drive. All available data from your hard drive is safely captured within this binary image.

Cost Range

Simple Partition Recovery $80 - $150
Deleted File Recovery $150 (1TB HDD) $200 (over 1TB HDD)
Format recovery or file system corruption $200 (1TB) $300 (over 1TB)
Damaged or Failing Drive $200 - $300 (read head problems)

No Find No Fee - conditions apply

I’ve Lost Files–What Should I do?

For the very best results don’t use your hard drive again before seeking help. Deleted or missing files are at risk of being overwritten by new data.

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