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Need Lost Files Recovered?
  • Lost files on your computer or laptop?
  • Lost files on your USB drive?
  • Accidentally deleted photographs on your digital camera?
  • Unable to access files on a CD?

Common causes of data loss can be attributed to accidental deletions/formatting (human error), computer viruses or simply file system corruption. This is termed "logical corruption" and data can be recovered using software.

It is likely your lost files are still there, and can be recovered.

Recovering files need not be an expensive venture. Lost Data is a sole owned/operated data recovery service based in Jindalee Brisbane Queensland. Lost Data does not have a shop front so savings on business overheads are passed directly onto the client.

Lost Data has a no find, no fee policy to ensure you don't throw away good money after bad. Your data will be also be treated with complete confidentiallity.

Lost Data deals purely with logical data recovery on devices that have not failed due to a mechanical or physical fault. With a NO FIND NO FEE policy Lost Data can assess your hard drive or storage device for free and provide referrals to reputable companies if necessary.


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