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Types of Data Recovery

Logical Data Recovery – Hardware OK

The most common cause of data loss can be attributed to modification or corruption of the underlying file system that stores and tracks where your files are located.  There are many circumstances when this occurs but includes accidental deletions, re-formatting and/or or re-installation of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) by inexperienced users. It also includes virus activity or even a problem with the operating system itself.

In all of these cases the fault is at a logical level which means the hardware itself is still working fine.  Data Recovery can be achieved with appropriate software. An understanding of underlying file system artifacts helps insure all available data is recovered.  Lost Data offers affordable data recovery for these types of data loss. Please note that Lost Data does not provide recovery services for devices that have failed physically and require repairs.

Logical Data Recovery – Hardware Damaged or Failing

Data loss is due to an intermittent hardware failure or physical damage. Lost Data has specialised equipment to deal with many common faults that prevent data recovery using software alone. Note that data destroyed at the physical storage level cannot be recovered by any means whether hardware repairs or software recovery. Head crash in hard drives, for example, may destroy a portion of data which cannot be recovere

Hardware Data Recovery – Hard Drive - External Component

The main culprit is the controller board which does not require opening the hard drive chassis to attempt repair and data recovery - service not provided by Lost Data.

Hardware Data Recovery – Hard Drive - Internal Component

The failed part resides inside the hard drive casing and requires an appropriate clean room environment for repairs or data recovery - service not provided by Lost Data.

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